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              ...... much more then just simply
                     a garb and folkdance group!

Northern German folklore-theatre from the island of Finkenwerder.

Presenting folk in fresh and up-to-date manor,

this is the strength of Finkwarder Danzkring. Who ever saw the group acting on stage once is a fan forever.
Lively arranged music accompanying dances and songs, well performed chants from soloists and the chorus, sweepingly presented dances, convincingly spoken words and plenty of colourful costumes of Finkenwerder origin are the guarantor for this.

If the thundering final applause is taken after a 2 hour musical evening as e.g. "Lüüd van de Woterkant" or "Een Tied vull Glück", the 35 actors are pleased because they know: 'We got the audience, we are on the right course.'
On founding of the Finkwarder Danzkring in 1976, this way was not being blueprinted. It was the aim to dance and sing 'just for fun'. However, it was already clear after a short while, that Finkwarder Danzkring has to and wanted to go on. The success while facing the audience drove it to new deeds. You can wait in suspense where the way will lead Finkwarder Danzkring to.

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