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For you the audience Finkwarder Danzkring has taken the most beautiful folkdances of North Germany into its repertoire. All known formations of northern German folkdances are shown. This includes dances performed either by women or men only.
All dances are performed in a succinct, harmonious and sweeping way. The majority of the selected dances are accompanied by singing, a peculiarity of Finkwarder Danzkring that brings additional liveliness to the on stage events.

The majority of songs are traditional Low German folksongs. Some additional songs are from the first half of the 20th century.
Further more Finkwarder Danzkring has a wide range of songs in its repertoire which have been purpose written and composed for the folk musicals. They perfectly fit into the style of traditional northern German folklore.
All songs are performed by the chorus and or by soloists depending on the texts. Finkwarder Danzkring is in the lucky position of having several soloists in its rows.
Some of the songs, mostly newly written songs, are also available on CD.

Most of the - of course Low German - poems in the collection of Finkwarder Danzkring come from the nib of Rudolf Kinau. But also texts from Gorch Fock, Fritz Reuter, Rudolf Tarnow and Georg Ruseler to name only some, can be found in the performances.
In the meantime poems written by a member of the ensemble have been incorporated into the repertoire as well. The poems have mainly a humorous background.

A selection of the most beautiful songs and poems has been put together in the book "De Norden singt Plattdüütsch" which has been published by Florian Noetzel-Verlag in 2003.

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