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A colourful mixture of dances, songs, music, poems, Low German and garbs

Short performances
There is (nearly) no occasion for which Finkwarder Danzkring is not in the position to present the suitable program. Be it a song for the German television (e.g. Aktuelle Schaubude), a program of 15 minutes duration embedded in an evening show or various performances of 20 minutes within international folklore festivals in Germany or abroad - the Danzkring has done all of this in the past.

Evening shows
Vivacious two hours with music, dances, songs, poems and colourful garbs throughout the complete folklore of northern Germany. No problem at all for Finkwarder Danzkring!
On one hand it is possible to perform various titles in casual sequence. On the other hand it is possible to define special themes, e.g. a slaughter festival, the harvest festival, a scene of the daily live on the streets, a wedding, the launching of a vessel or a scene from a spinning mill and many others more.

Folk musicals
Real peculiarities are the musicals which have been conceived by Finkwarder Danzkring itself. With them the Danzkring has developed a completely new style within the German folklore. These musicals composed of music, songs, dances, poems and purpose written texts with a duration of 2 hours (incl. break) have not existed in German folklore before.
In stage sets showing themes from Finkenwerder the musicals tell stories about farmers, craftsmen, fishermen and sailors. Finkenwerder, a place where as many different elements come together as normally can only be found in a sum of various towns and villages in northern Germany, is representing all of them. Depending which play is shown, actors and audience are following a way from contemplative or serious mood to an energetic zest for life.
Up to know Finkwarder Danzkring produced five folk musicals. These are "Bi uns up Finkwarder", "Sünn in de Seils", "Lüüd van de Woterkant" and "Een Tied vull Glück".

Garbs Repertoire