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Each member has three to five different Finkenwerder garbs hanging in the wardrobe. One each member has is the garb for holidays, another one the working dress of the fishermen.
However, there are further profession and status related dresses, e.g. the ones of the miller, smith, cobbler, chimneysweep, farm lass, day labourer etc. as well as special garbs for bride and groom, the close for the church on a Sunday, the garb for the Lord's Supper, for the widow/widower or every day's array.
Having all these different garbs, it is possible to present a vivacious picture of the time at which all them have been worn anywhere.

There is a brilliant book titled "Finkenwerder Trachten" showing all the garbs in a huge amount of pictures and nicely written stories. The book is available in the online shop or at Sparkasse Stade/Altes Land.

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