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Low German

Low German, spoken from the costs of Flanders to East Prussia and from Dunkirk via Brussels, Cologne, Kassel, Magdeburg, Berlin Frankfurt/Oder up to Gdansk and in the whole of East Prussia in various dialects, arose from a 8th century Germanic language. After the Hanseatic time (15th/16th century) the development of this language was different in each region.
It is closely related to the Flanderic, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English languages. Finkwarder Danzkring which is using the native "Finkwarder Platt" is also standing in the linguistic tradition of Low German.
Thus the presentation is obviously held in Low German - it will be deviated from this rule whenever required.
It will be acted in Low German within the musicals and segments of programs taking up the whole evening, as there Low German is an absolutely necessary stylistic element.

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